Hay attends private screening

Hay attends private screening

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New All Whites coach Danny Hay ended his first day in the job by attending Friends of Football’s recent private screening of the football documentary film Maradona.

Hay was given a warm welcome by attendees of the cinema screening in Devonport, Auckland, when he was introduced by Friends of Football chair Earle Thomas.

“The news of your appointment has gone well and we’re behind you,” Thomas told Hay who received a spontaneous round of applause.

Members and their guests enjoyed two hours of Maradona, the warts-and-all story of the rise and fall of a player considered to be one of the world’s greatest.

Friends of Football have hosted two private screenings of football-themed movies recently – the previous was The Keeper, the story of goalkeeper Bert Trautmann.

To attend future events, including movies, you can join Friends of Football for a once-only joining fee of $40 with no need to pay annual subscriptions.

You can apply for membership at this website.

Photo: Danny Hay was presented with a Friends of Football polo shirt at the movie screening.

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