NZSMA Awards – 2009

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The winners of the NZSMA media awards for the 2009 calendar year have been found. They are:

Writer of the Year – Michael Brown (Herald on Sunday)
Photographer of the Year – Hannah Johnston (Getty Images)
Radio Journalist of the Year – Jason Pine (The Radio Network)
Television Journalist of the Year – Andrew Gourdie (TV3)
Publication of the Year – Russell Gray (Ricki Herbert – A New Fire)
Writer of the Year
Winner: Michael Brown (Herald on Sunday)
Michael Brown won the three most recent Writer of the Year awards, from 2005 to 2007. In collecting a fourth award, Brown matches the achievement of Russell Gray, who won this NZSMA category four years in a row during 1989-92. This award was first made by the NZSMA in 1980. Brown’s portfolio featured stories about Caleb Rufer’s budding career in Germany (a pdf of which is attached), the All Whites being behind the One Shot For Glory promotion and how much money each All White stood to earn from the 2010 World Cup campaign; a feature on New Zealand’s World Cup playoff win over China in 1981; and a match report from the second leg of last year’s playoff against Bahrain.

Judge: Josh Easby (Owner of book publisher Hurricane Press and former football writer)
Judge’s Comments: “Michael Brown’s stories were outstanding in many ways – good angles, well-written, excellent research/sourcing of information and cliche-free. I follow football fairly closely and much of the coverage is predictable. So it’s a pleasure when you can read stories such as Michael’s that actually tell you stuff you didn’t know, and reveal it in a way that makes it interesting. Michael’s entries were significantly the best and it was an easy decision for me – he’s a worthy winner.

“I enjoyed Tony Smith’s stories – easy to read, and a good selection of entries showing his ability to interview, report and write a first-person piece. Fred Woodock had a couple of decent pieces among his entries and I have to acknowledge Jeremy Ruane’s entries – the hallmark of all his work is his unabashed enthusiasm for all things football, at all levels.”

Recent Winners
2000 Bruce Holloway
2001 Bruce Holloway
2002 Bryce Johns
2003 Simon Kay
2004 Terry Maddaford
2005 Michael Brown
2006 Michael Brown
2007 Michael Brown
2008 No award
2009 Michael Brown
Photographer of the Year
Winner: Hannah Johnston (Getty Images)
This is the first time Hannah Johnston has been named Photographer of the Year. Her portfolio included photos from New Zealand’s World Cup playoff win over Bahrain in Wellington. First awarded in 1981, Eric Jelly’s five wins (1982, 1984, 1986, 1992 and 1994) are the most in this NZSMA category.

Judge: Neville Marriner (freelance photographer and picture editor)
Judge’s comments: “Hannah Johnston won both the best set and the best individual picture for her shot of Rory Fallon celebrating his goal against Bahrain in the World Cup playoff (jpeg attached). I must also make special mention of the photo Shane Wenzlick of Phototek took of the Glenfield Rovers ninth grade players at the Small Whites tournament at Keith Hay Park (jpeg attached).”

Recent Winners
2000 John Coupland
2001 Sandra Teddy
2002 Paul Thomas
2003 Shane Wenzlick
2004 Shane Wenzlick
2005 Michael Bradley
2006 Andrew Cornaga
2007 Shane Wenzlick
2008 No award
2009 Hannah Johnston
Television Journalist of the Year
Winner: Andrew Gourdie (TV3)
Andrew Gourdie won the two most recent Television Journalist of the Year awards, in 2006 and 2007. His third award matches the achievement of Michelle Pickles and is the sixth in a row for TV3. A broadcasting category was first introduced by the NZSMA in 1986. Gourdie’s portfolio included reports from three All Whites internationals – the 4-3 friendly defeat to Italy in South Africa, the 0-0 draw with Iraq at the Confederations Cup and the 1-0 win over Bahrain in the World Cup playoffs.

Judge: Bruce Holloway (former Writer of the Year)
Judge’s comments: “Andrew Gourdie’s presented an outstanding portfolio which did justice to some landmark achievements by the All Whites. Gourdie’s summaries were succinct, with cogent analysis, sound structure, and good interpolation of interview soundbytes. He presents well, and brought an enthusiasm to football reporting too often lacking in television. In particular, his preview and wrap of the Bahrain World Cup qualifier in Wellington captured the essence of a memorable occasion. Gourdie’s coverage has positively added to the fabric of the game in New Zealand.”

Recent Winners (TV and radio combined)
2000 Simon Milton
2001 Simon Milton
2002 Evan Burke
2003 Michelle Pickles
2004 Michelle Pickles
2005 Michelle Pickles
Recent winners (TV only)
2006 Andrew Gourdie
2007 Andrew Gourdie
2008 No award
2009 Andrew Gourdie
Radio Journalist of the Year
Winner: Jason Pine (The Radio Network)
Jason Pine won the most recent Radio Journalist of the Year award in 2007 and was also judged overall media winner in 2003. His portfolio featured commentary from the Phoenix’s 2-1 win over Perth and 6-0 thumping of Gold Coast, and New Zealand’s World Cup playoff win over Bahrain.

Judge: Trevor Rowse (NZSMA life member and former Writer of the Year)
Judge’s comments: “Jason certainly chose a group of games which brought out his total enthusiasm for the team and game, as well as the position in the media. There is real evidence of clear and decisive speech, even in the heights of fervour, and he has proved to be a combination of fan and commentator. Just what someone in a car or workshop could relate to, listening to the radio and something that would be an affront to a fan sitting in front of television.”

Recent winners
2006 Andrew Dewhurst
2007 Jason Pine
2008 No award
2009 Jason Pine
Publication of the Year
Winner: Russell Gray (Ricki Herbert – A New Fire)
This book by Russell Gray, a four-time Writer of the Year who is now gear steward for the Phoenix, charts the rise of Ricki Herbert from Papatoetoe prodigy to World Cup player and coach, and the birth of the Wellington Phoenix.

Judge: Simon Kay (NZSMA awards convenor and football writer)
Judge’s comments: “Books on New Zealand football are rare and are to be savoured when they come along. Ricki Herbert has been a central figure in most of the pivotal moments of Kiwi football in the past 30 years and Gray’s prescient book captures all these moments superbly. A revised edition incorporating New Zealand’s successful World Cup campaign would be timely.

“Special mention must be made of Rab Smith’s 24-page Footballsouth weekly match programme. It’s a lively read packed full of good photos and everything a fan in that federation would want to know.”

Recent Winners
2000 Three Kings United tribute, by Jeremy Ruane
2001 Stand Up If You Love The Kingz, by Grant Stantiall and Michael Stephen
2002 Sitter magazine, edited by Bruce Holloway
2003 Canterbury Centenary, by John Small
2004 Spikes History, Rangers FC
2005 Soccer Talk magazine, edited by Glen Price
2006 No award
2007 No award
2008 No award
2009 Ricki Herbert – A New Fire, by Russell Gray


Footnote: Winners listed up to 2004 were for awards organised by the New Zealand Soccer Media Association. Winners listed for 2005-07 were for awards organised by New Zealand Football.

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