Football Fern Hannah Wilkinson’s Olympic Diary (3) – ‘Another exciting test!’

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Football Fern Hannah Wilkinson is representing New Zealand at the Tokyo Olympics … here’s the third instalment of her tournament diary written for Friends of Football:

By Hannah Wilkinson

Our opening two games of the competition were tough and, ideally, we could’ve had more preparation games and training sessions after a year apart.

Unfortunately, we were as prepared as we could have been under very limited conditions.

As a result, we’re finding that as a team we are progressing, seeing glimpses of exciting on-field connections and dynamics, particularly in possession, as the tournament draws on.

It’s disappointing not to get results but seeing how quickly we’ve improved in only two games is something special and extremely important for us as a group moving forward – in this tournament and beyond.

Our last game is another exciting test and we feel more rehearsed and ready for the challenge.

Thanks for your support!

  • New Zealand play Sweden on Tuesday July 27 at 8.00pm

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