‘Between Two Beers’ podcast provides fans with summer holiday entertainment

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Between Two Beers is a podcast channel dedicated to sharing rich, insightful and funny stories of previous and current footballers for football enthusiasts in New Zealand. Friends of Football writer Jonno Ross finds out more about the men behind it …

Waikato-based Seamus Marten and Steve Holloway created the channel in November 2019, out of curiosity and a desire to tell football stories.

Both knew many past and present footballers around the country with stories to tell, but no one was telling them.

Holloway, a sports journalist, has played Northern League football for two decades while Marten has held administrative roles with FIFA, Oceania Football Confederation and NZ Football.

Holloway bought the microphone and the pair decided to start a long-form podcast.

“The premise was simple; find footballers with interesting lives/careers/journeys, research their story, ask them good questions,” Marten says.

Marten and Holloway started with Melville 300-game veteran and ex-All White Aaron Scott, and moved onto interviewing close friends, former teammates, coaches, colleagues and family.

Over time, they have built a following and their reputation has enabled them to reach out to sports stars and media personalities.

In three years of podcasting, Marten and Holloway have uncovered a huge amount of New Zealand football history through interviews with the likes of Kevin Fallon, Jeremy Brockie, Paul Ifill, Danny Hay and Maia Jackman.

“Our point of difference is length,” explains Marten. “Most episodes run over 90 minutes, allowing guests to get comfortable telling their full stories, warts and all.”

For their 50th episode, they interviewed former All Whites captain and legend Ryan Nelsen.

The Between Two Beers podcast duo’s goal for their third year is to grow their audience and profile and attract the best guests that they can – and to keep having fun.

And the name? The programme hosts enjoy a beer (or two) while interviewing their guests.

Main photo: Steve Holloway (left) and Seamus Marten … three years of interviewing some of New Zealand football’s most interesting people.

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