Seven Sharp: How walking football is becoming the ‘game of the future’

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Television’s Seven Sharp programme has featured the upsurge in interest in walking football, a version of the ‘beautiful game’ that caters for those whose bodies require a gentler approach to the sport.

An enthusiastic promoter of walking football is former All White and chair of The Centre Circle, Bobby Almond, who explains to Seven Sharp viewers the benefits of being able to continue to play football, even at a slower pace.

The Centre Circle and Mainland Football are promoting walking football, a fast-growing version of the game.

Almond was a member of the 1982 All Whites, the first New Zealand national team to reach the finals of a FIFA World Cup.

Main photo: Almond in full recovery mode after demonstrating the art of walking football.

Video replay

Click here or on the image below to watch TVNZ’s story about The Centre Circle’s promotion of walking football

The Centre Circle

The Centre Circle is a Canterbury-based supporter group with aims similar to those of Friends of Football.

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