Video: Wellington Phoenix midfielder Chloe Knott on growth of women’s football

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Wellington Phoenix midfielder Chloe Knott (26) says the launch of a professional women’s team in New Zealand shows how much the women’s game is growing.

Knott shares her story in a video produced by Phoenix women’s A-League supporter, the NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport.

Knott played an important role off the pitch for the Phoenix team in their inaugural season.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Masters of Science in developmental psychopathology and is a virtual in-house psychologist for the women in Wollongong.

“I wouldn’t go that far, I’m not qualified yet,” Knott told the Phoenix website.

“I’m always there for the girls to chat about their feelings. I like to think that I’m a shoulder they can come and talk to about stuff and get things off their chest.

“I think I just know how to listen. I’ve practised that a lot … so I really work on my listening and just being there for them. Any kind of venting or just talking about how people are feeling and how they’re managing, I’m happy to do that.”

Here’s her story:

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