Lead changes in WaiBOP Premiership as Tauranga side quits competition

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Tauranga Old Blues have withdrawn from the WaiBOP Premiership, giving Taupo an unexpected mid-season lead in the competition.

Before the announced withdrawal, unbeaten Waikato Unicol were top of the table, having being credited with a 3-0 default win against Tauranga Old Blues who failed to complete the fixture over Matariki weekend.

However, the default has now become a bye, and a previously postponed game between Taupo and Old Blues has become a default win.

Overnight, Taupo and Unicol have changed places on the table.

WaiBOP Football announced the withdrawal of Old Blues today (Monday June 27).

The federation explained through its social media:

“As one full round had been played against Tauranga Old Blues — with the exception of one fixture that was rescheduled due to Chatham Cup —then the results against Tauranga Old Blues for the first 9 rounds will stand.

“The postponed game (against ninetyblack Taupo) will be updated to a 3-0 default win to Taupo AFC.

“The Round 10, 11 and 12 games that were defaults or postponed will be changed to bye games, along with all future games.”

Old Blues were promoted to the Premiership this year after winning the WaiBOP Championship last season.

Neither the official website nor the Facebook page for Tauranga Old Blues offer any explanation for the withdrawal.

Before the withdrawal

After the withdrawal

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