Fancy your ability as a manager? Enter our Fantasy Premier League mini-league

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More than 30,000 New Zealand fans entered the biggest football competition in the world last year — and it’s time to pit your wits against them again.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) attracted more than nine million players from around the world for the 2021-22 English Premier League season and at least as many are expected to enter for the new season beginning on August 6.

FPL is a free-to-enter online game in which you pick 15 players, within a budget of £100 million, and then manage your team week-to-week.

You get to decide your starting line-up, your captain and can make transfers. Points are gained by your team when your players score, claim clean sheets or assists – and they drop points when they concede goals or pick up cautions.

It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s a great way to follow the EPL each week.

Enter our Friends of Football mini-league

Within the overall FPL game, groups can set up their own mini-leagues.

Friends of Football has set up two competitions, especially for New Zealand-based fans.

Once you’ve set up your FPL account – click here to do that – you can then join our two competitions through the following links:

Click here to join our Friends of Football NZ mini-league >>>>

(Or you can manually enter the code pbhad1 at the FPL site under the ‘your leagues’ section)

Click here to join our Friends of Football NZ head-to-head league >>>>

(Or you can manually enter the code jba4ib at the FPL site under the ‘your leagues’ section)

In our head-to-head league, you’ll be drawn against another entrant each week with the best-performing earning three points for the win.

How to play FPL – a beginner’s guide

Click here to learn all about FPL, the world’s biggest football game >>>>

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