How your club/school can benefit from football’s biggest fundraising project

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The organisers of New Zealand’s biggest-ever football fundraiser say it’s not too late for clubs and schools to participate in the project.

The New Zealand Football Foundation are running a national lottery with eight double packages to the Qatar World Cup as the prizes.

Clubs and schools that sell the $20 tickets — all sold online — have the chance to earn $10 from each sale.

This creates a huge opportunity for clubs and schools to raise funds for their football activities.

How much can my club/school raise?

The foundation has produced the following table to demonstrate the potential.

A club with, say, 1,000 members, could generate $10,000 of funds if every member bought (or helped to sell) a single ticket.

How do we join in the benefits?

So far, about 126 organisations have agreed to participate in the fundraising initiative which ends when the lottery is drawn on October 1, 2022.

To find out more, contact:

Where do I buy a ticket?

If you want to support football by buying a lottery ticket, click here >>>>

When you purchase your ticket, you can choose which organisation you want to receive $10 of your purchase.

From the dropdown menu, choose your club or school, or you can choose FRIENDS OF FOOTBALL.

If you select FRIENDS OF FOOTBALL, your donation will go to the projects we support through our Helping Hands Fund.

READ MORE: Learn how we help football through our Helping Hands Fund here >>>>

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