Ferns coach Jitka Klimková happy her side found the ‘grit’ to win

New Zealand head coach Jitka Klimková is happy her Football Ferns had the “grit” that helped them to find a way to beat the Philippines in their midweek friendly international in Los Angeles.

Klimková said the 2-1 win came on the back of a better second-half performance, after her side trailed 1-0 at half-time.

“I’m very happy that our second half had the grit that we were talking in our locker room with the players and with the team to find a way to win this game and we did it, we found a way,” she said.

Meanwhile, Philippines coach Alen Stajcic said his side would learn much from the loss.

“I think we showed that we can compete in that level if we do everything right, there’s certainly a lot of improvement left in us as well so, best part is we’re working hard and trying to improve every day and trying to get better,” Stajcic said.

” … we had a few niggles and injuries leading into the games so, you know, it was good that a lot of players could complete the game.

“I’m happy that we competed and I’m happy that we showed we’re at this level.

“But ultimately, we have to find a way to win and I’m not gonna be happy with losing, that’s for sure.”

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