All Whites coach Danny Hay to address his future after Socceroos series

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All Whites head coach Danny Hay says he’ll address his future as national coach after New Zealand’s two-match series with Australia this month.

Hay’s contract expires at the end of September and the All Whites face a period of six months without a game after they play the Socceroos in Brisbane (Thursday September 22) and at Auckland’s Eden Park (Sunday September 24).

“I know this is a bit of a PC answer, but I’m focussing solely on Aussie,” Hay told Newshub in an interview after he had named the 24-player squad to face Australia.

“We’ll probably have time to sit down, reflect on how everything’s gone, particularly over the last year, because it’s only been a year since we got the team playing again.

“And then (we’ll) make some decisions over what the team looks like.”

1News report: watch again

While Australia will use the matches to prepare for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, beginning in November, New Zealand probably will not have any full internationals at least before March.

The 47-year-old coach told media:

“There was more than just getting to the World Cup in that game against Costa Rica. The $16million was a big factor and it was a big part of New Zealand Football’s financial planning,” he said.

NZ Football CEO Andrew Pragnell … looking forward to sitting down with Danny Hay in October. Photo: Andrew Cornaga / Phototek.

In their coverage of the All Whites squad announcement, 1News quoted NZ Football chief executive Andrew Pragnell as saying financial restraints were the reason no fixtures were being lined up for the November international window.

“We want to be playing as often as possible but the realities of international travel, and increased cost of flights especially over the last six months, means that at this stage we aren’t planning for any activity in November as we aren’t unfortunately going to the FIFA World Cup 2022,” Pragnell said.

“As an organisation we are in a steady place financially but the increased costs of assembling for an international window is something we need to plan carefully.”In this situation, as we aren’t going to the World Cup, it made sense for the organisation to save money in this window that can be better utilised as part of the next qualifying cycle.”

Of Hay’s contract situation, Pragnell said: “We look forward to sitting down with Danny in October to discuss the future but the focus at the moment, for everyone involved in the team, is playing against Australia.”

Hay took over the national role in 2019.

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