Eden Park almost sold out for opening game of FIFA Women’s World Cup

Organisers say tickets have almost sold out for the opening game of next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup at Auckland’s Eden Park.

After a pre-sale promotion to VISA cardholders, world cup tickets went on general sale on November 1 and they are being snapped up with sales in more than 100 countries.

CEO for the 2023 Women’s World Cup Dave Beeche told 1News:

“New Zealanders are really starting to get into it ’cause in the few hours that individual ticket sales have been on this morning, since the VISA presale closed, already there’s only a handful of tickets left for the opening game at Eden Park.

“The presale period has been massively successful. It’s blown everyone’s expectations out of the water.

“We sold more tickets in the first 24 hours than they sold in the entire presale period leading into France in 2019, so it’s a massive boon.”

1News: Ticket sales on track to break records

FIFA: ‘Unprecedented’ demand for tickets

A FIFA spokesperson has told Australia’s ABC news it had experienced an “unprecedented” demand for tickets, which have sold more passes in the first month than all those sold in the first four months of the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France.

“The demand for passes for many matches at next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup has been unprecedented, and this only highlights the growth and popularity of the women’s game as we strive for the biggest and best FIFA WWC in history,” the spokesperson said.

Fans from exactly 100 different countries have already purchased tickets to the tournament.

The highest demand for tickets has come from co-hosting nations  Australia and New Zealand, followed by the United States, England, China, Canada, Qatar, Germany, the Republic of Ireland and France.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup had a TV audience of 1.1 billion and ticket sales of 1.2 million.  FIFA is aiming for a TV audience of 2 million next year, with ticket sales of 1.5 million.


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