Ferns defender Meikayla Moore ‘deeply unsettled’ by events in Qatar

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Football Ferns defender Meikayla Moore says she’s taking a break from social media but not before expressing her concerns about events at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

“The events around and in Qatar have been deeply unsettling for me and many,” Moore shared on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“Football as a facilitator has been massively influential in my journey as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Standing up for what are basic human rights is not political and describing the rainbow flag as a statement with political grounds is simply outrageous.”

Moore (26), who plays for Glasgow City in the Scottish Women’s Premier League, says next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup “will continue to drive change, inclusion and positivity.”

“Football is no longer becoming a male dominated game that the women’s game is repressed by.

“Football is for all and we’re going to show you in 2023 what that actually should look and feel like.”

Wishing her followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, she said she would be taking a break from social media.

“If 2022 has reinforced anything it’s that time is merely a concept with yesterday’s news tomorrow’s fish and chip paper,” she said.

Main photo: Meikayla Moore … taking a break from social media. Photo: @meikaylamoore Instagram.

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