The FIFA Women’s World Cup team bases — how the clubs are reacting

Clubs are already getting behind the nations they’ll host for next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup after the announcement revealing team bases.

Social media was abuzz with the team base details, with supporters quickly committing their backing for teams who will use their clubs’ grounds and facilities.

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Here’s a sample of reaction:

East Coast Bays: ‘Thrilled’ to host the world champions

East Coast Bays … already promoting their links with the world champions.

East Coast Bays President Roger Bridge says it is an exciting time for women’s football in New Zealand and the club is thrilled to hosting the current number-one team in the world, the United States.

“Our club is focused on growing girls’ football and with our home ground being a home away from home for the American team, I have no doubt this will inject further excitement into the game and inspire more girls to give football a go.”

With a daughter playing football, Bridge says girls’ football in New Zealand often competes with other sports like netball, so East Coast Bays introduced Friday evening games to encourage girls to give football a go without giving up their Saturday sport and it has proven to be successful.

“We’ve a fantastic club community and a membership that is made up of players of all ages and levels, as well as an active team of volunteers and professional coaches.

“I’m sure our club will enjoy supporting the talented USA team; as a close second to our own NZ Football Ferns of course.”

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Ellerslie: ‘We have hit the jackpot’

Ellerslie say they’ve “hit the jackpot” having landed Argentina as the nation that will use their Michaels Avenue facilities as their training base during next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.

After the release of the list of training bases to be used in New Zealand, Ellerslie president Mark Weipers said:

“We have hit the jackpot. The Argentinian team is coming to the Avenue for the group stages of the Women’s World Cup next year.

“With a number of their country’s supporters amongst our membership, this will be a fantastic opportunity for all of us to experience that South American exuberance as we host the team in our new facilities.

“Let’s all get involved … cannot wait!”

Upgrades underway at Ellerslie.
Ellerslie supporters already showing their support for their 2023 guests.

Hamilton Wanderers: ‘Extremely grateful’

Wanderers’ Porritt Stadium will be used as a FIFA Women’s World Cup training venue for teams coming to Hamilton to play games.

Chair Dave Douglas said: “We will also be a training venue for the upcoming FIFA WWC qualifying tournament in February.

“The ground, changing rooms and surrounds are currently being upgraded as part of these tournaments and we are extremely grateful for all those responsible for the upgrades to our venue.”

Bay Olympic: ‘We’re ecstatic’

Olympic told their supporters through social media: “We’re ecstatic to share the news that Bay Olympic has been selected as the Philippines base for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

“Our club will truly be part of the tournament, with the Philippines enjoying our facilities as they prepare for their matches.

“A lot of work has gone into securing this opportunity for our club, and we want to thank Jon Gwin for leading this project on the club’s behalf, as well as Stefan Winstanley and Graham Leaming.

“We’re now working through what this opportunity means for our 2023 season — including access to our playing and training fields and club rooms — we’ll be back in touch with an update as soon as possible.

West Coast Rangers: ‘A lot of work has gone into this’

Birkenhead United are getting behind Italy who will be based at Shepherds Park.

Rangers are looking forward to hosting Vietnam at Fred Taylor Park.

“Our club will truly be part of the tournament, with Vietnam enjoying our facilities as they prepare for their matches.

“There’s been a lot work gone into securing this opportunity for our clubs, and we want to thank WCRFC chairperson Michael Brooke for leading this work on the club’s behalf.”

NRF’s Laura Menzies: ‘Bringing the tournament into our backyards’

“This announcement makes the tournament very real — now we can really picture the world’s best teams training and enjoying the facilities at clubs throughout our region. This really brings the tournament into our backyards, with international teams using the same clubs and facilities we enjoy,” NRF CEO Laura Menzies says.

“Many of the clubs involved have already benefited from upgraded facilities, with more to come, part of a long-lasting legacy for this tournament. Thanks go to our clubs, Auckland Unlimited, NZ Football and FIFA for making this happen.”

Auckland Unlimited: ‘Incredibly exciting’

“It’s incredibly exciting that so many clubs will be able to connect with visiting teams – I want to thank everyone for their engagement and hard work in getting to this point,” Neil Coventry, Training Venue Manager, Auckland Unlimited, said.

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