National body releases guidelines on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

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Football’s national body has produced a toolkit to help clubs ensure children and vulnerable adults are kept safe.

The toolkit includes a set of published guidelines that outline steps needed to safeguard children, vulnerable adults and those who work with them, including protocols for arranging police vetting and what to do if concerns arise.

New Zealand Football will also cover the costs of providing the police vetting service, which is usually $8.50 plus GST per request.

“As part of our commitment to safety, we will cover the cost of providing the police vetting service to the football community to help remove any cost barriers to implementing the guidance,” NZF’s General Manager, Football, Dan Farrow said.

The guidance follows two years’ work to ensure all available tools are utilised to provide a safe environment for everyone to play football.

A centralised police vetting system has been developed to allow football clubs and other football service providers to undertake police vetting for any paid staff or volunteers who have regular or overnight contact with children or vulnerable adults, at no cost.

“This is a significant piece of work that will make football safer for participants,” Farrow says.

“We strongly encourage clubs and football organisations who work with children and vulnerable adults to implement this guidance to ensure the welfare of their players.”

What to do next

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