Flashback: Whatever happened to the 1962 U-12 Auckland rep team?

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Here’s a photo to test the memory banks of some of our long-time football followers.

Friends of Football have been loaned a copy of this team photo of the 1962 U-12 Auckland boys’ representative team.

The names and spellings are thought to be accurate but we’d be more than happy to be corrected.

The challenge?

Spot the future All White … and the players who went on to play national league football.

If the photograph triggers memories and more information, please send it to editor@friendsoffootballnz.com.

We’re keen to publish a follow-up story, with details of their football careers, and later whereabouts.

The 1962 Auckland U-12 representative boys’ team.

Back row (from left): Joe Greenwood (coach), Garth Ballantyne (coach).

Middle row (from left): Paul Codd, Stuart Pickering, David Hughes, Grant Hope-Ede, John Day, Alan Donaldson, Robert Faithfull.

Front row (from left): Jeff Simpson, Tommy Bell, Dave Taylor, Murray Irwin, John Batty, Graham Bolton, Richard Hunt.

Since we first published this …

New Zealand Football’s honorary historian, Barry Smith, tells us our original caption was out by a year — we first thought the team was from 1961 but we’re assured it was 1962. We’ve now updated the story.

Cordwainer Bull referred us to an excellent story by the late Trevor Rowse, providing background to Garth Ballantyne who was an inductee to New Zealand’s Hall of Fame.

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Derek Walker tells us he’s spotted future National League players Paul Codd, Grant Hope-Ede and John Batty, and, of course, future New Zealand international Dave Taylor.

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