NZ Football president Johanna Wood re-elected to FIFA Council

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New Zealand Football president Johanna Wood has been re-elected unopposed for a second term to FIFA’s council.

She and Fiji’s Rajesh Patel will represent Oceania on the council after this week’s OFC Extraordinary Congress held in Rawandan capital Kigali, ahead of the 73rd annual FIFA Congress.

OFC’s member nations re-elected Vanuatu’s Lambert Maltock unopposed for a second four-year term as OFC president.

Maltock set out his priorities for the next four years.

“I will lead and drive three priorities that are aligned with the OFC Strategy 2023-2026 to stay on track to meet our Confederation-wide goal of qualifying two teams for the FIFA World Cup 2026 and 2027.

“Priority one is development and education with our member associations prioritised to improve and professionalise their respective management and administration.

“Priority two is high performance with the planned launch of the OFC Professional League by 2025 likely to be revolutionise the game in Oceania and place OFC in a new era of a professional confederation.

“Priority three looks to good governance which must be upheld at the core of all our member associations.”

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