First day results and scorers from men’s and women’s Ford Futsal Superleague

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Here are the results from Saturday’s games at the three-day men’s and women’s Ford Futsal Superleague National Series, being held at Auckland’s Trusts Arena.

Main photo: Action from Bay of Plenty Surge’s 6-4 win against Southern United.Photo: Shane Wenzlick / Phototek.

Day 1 Results

Games played on Saturday March 18, 2023

Women’s Ford Futsal Superleague

Papakura City 5 (Cal Pretty 24′, Ella James 26′, 27′, Jordana Bremner 29′, Maxine Cooper 39′)
Southern United 0

WaiBOP Power 5 (Lilly Muspratt 11′, 14′, Niamh Carter 19′, Alosi Bloomfield 28′,Courtney Stone 37′)
Capital Football 1 (Sammi Preval 19′)

Papakura City 4 (Jayna Bennett 16′, Ella James 23′, 29′, Shivanthi Anthony 28′)
Central Football 1 (Milla Green 12′)

WaiBOP Power 0
Canterbury United Pride 6 (Britney-lee Nicholson 8′, Rachel Brodie 8′, Serena Patel 10′, Frankie Morrow 18′, Jennifer Merkin 20′, Lily Fisher 25′)

Men’s Ford Futsal Superleague

Hawke’s Bay 3 (Jacob Riley 19′, Simon Stallard 22′, Alexander Eaglestone 28′)
Waikato Rapids 6 (Maxwell Ericksen 9′, Aidan Robson 14′, Casey Sharplin 16′, 21′, 35′, Davis Vhahva 35′)

Capital Football 2 (Micky Malivuk 15′, Tyler Ericksen 39′)
Auckland City 2 (Dominic Hawkins 23′, Thomas Picken 35′)

Southern United 4 (George Willett 18′, En Watanabe 21′, own goal 24′, Nicolas Kittelty 29′)
Bay of Plenty Surge 6 (own goal 7′, Aran Carter 16′, 37′, 38′, Amer Akbar 34′, Keenan Howard 40′)

Capital Football 3 (Jonathan Steele 11′, Matthew Peden 15′, Lucas Silva 37′)
Waikato Rapids 2 (Ethan Martin 19′, Maxwell Ericksen 26′)

Canterbury United Dragons 7 (Mark Zimmerman 5′, 32′, Cameron Emberton 25′, Jacob Grosvenor 26′, Fintan Joseph 31′, Charlie Bayly 37′, Daniel De Abreu 39′)
Bay of Plenty Surge 0

Southern United 0
Auckland City 4 (Jirayu Twigg 18′, Thomas Picken 19′, 38′, Dominic Hawkins 24′)

Day 2 Fixtures

Games to be played on Sunday March 19, 2023

Ford Futsal Men’s Superleague

10am: Southern United v Waikato Rapids

10am: Capital Football v Bay of Plenty Surge

12pm: Hawke’s Bay v Auckland City

2pm: Canterbury United Dragons v Waikato Rapids

4pm: Hawke’s Bay v Bay of Plenty Surge

6pm: Canterbury United Dragons v Auckland City

Ford Futsal Women’s Superleague

12pm: Papakura City v Capital Football

2pm: WaiBOP Power v Central Football

4pm: Papakura City v Canterbury United Pride

6pm: WaiBOP Power v Southern United

Games to be played on Monday March 20, 2023

Ford Futsal Men’s Superleague

8.00am: Waikato Rapids v Hawke’s Bay

8.00am: Bay of Plenty Surge v Capital Football

9.30am: Auckland City v Canterbury United Dragons

11am: Waikato Rapids v Southern United

12.30pm: Bay of Plenty Surge v Canterbury United Dragons

2.00pm: Auckland City v Hawke’s Bay

Ford Futsal Women’s Superleague

National Series One
All games at Trusts Arena, Auckland

9.30am: Southern United v WaiBOP Power

11am: Central Football v Papakura City

12.30pm: Capital Football v WaiBOP Power

2.00pm: Canterbury United Pride v Papakura City

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