Manurewa pay tribute to coach Rhys Ruka after his departure from club

Northern League club Manurewa have begun the search for an assistant first team coach after farewelling last season’s head coach Rhys Ruka.

The club says Ruka, who was the assistant coach to Paul Marshall this season, had resigned his role for personal reasons.

Main photo: Rhys Ruka … ‘played a huge part in our success.’

In a statement, the club said:

“Paul Marshall, brought in as head coach for the 2023 campaign, will continue in that role, while the club will now begin the search to replace Ruka.”

Club chairman Wayne Jensen said the club had reluctantly accepted Ruka’s resignation.

“We totally respect Rhys’s reasons for stepping back from his assistant coaching duties and have, with some regret, accepted that he won’t be alongside Paul for this coming campaign.

“Rhys has played a huge part in our recent success, not only with results on the park but in setting our standards off the park with a strong team culture and work ethic underpinning results on the field.

“We will begin the search immediately for a suitable replacement, someone to work alongside Paul throughout this season as we look to build on our recent success and reach even greater heights.

“We are fortunate that Paul brings a wealth of experience at this level and beyond but will now look to put a strong support team in place around him for the remainder of the campaign.

“In the meantime, we wish Rhys and Chelsea all the best and hope to see them around the club throughout the season.”

Ruka’s departure from Manurewa became evident last weekend when the promoted side played their season opener, beating Birkenhead United 4-2.

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