How to watch Bay Olympic play Birkenhead United in Northern League

Bay Olympic play Birkenhead United in the Northern League on Monday April 10, 2023.

The game kicks off at 6pm and will be live-streamed by NZ Football’s YouTube channel.


Game to be played on Monday April 10, 2023

Bay Olympic v Birkenhead United
Olympic Park, New Lynn, 6pm

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You can watch the game here …

How to watch

Predicted squads

Based on most recent games, squads will be selected from:

Bay Olympic

1 Oliver Pocock
2 Robert Tipelu
3 Leo Hall
5 Martin Bejbl
6 Callum McNeill (captain)
7 Ibrahim Nadir
8 Hamed Basiri
9 Liam Bailey
10 Dré Vollenhoven
11 Kane Vincent
13 Ilham Hameedi
15 William Eng
16 Patch Bowen
17 Teddy Tadesse
18 Lewis Hunter
19 Ryusei Ishibashi
20 Sean Ledley
23 (Gk) Nathan Garrow

Head coach: Rudi Mozr

Birkenhead United

1 Silvio Rodic
2 Everton O’Leary
3 Codey Phoenix
4 Dino Botica
5 Nicholas Forrester
6 Leon Van Den Hoven
7 Alex Connor-McClean
8 Luke Jorgensen (captain)
9 Dane Schnell
11 Byron Heath
12 Jack Duncan
14 Luke Allport
15 Ardri Mcarthur
16 Dylan Hobson
17 Daniel Morgan
19 Troy Taylor
21 Xavier Maddox
22 Luke Costello
23 Curtis Hughes
25 Finn McKenlay

Head coach: Paul Hobson


Referee: Ashley Wilson

Assistant referees: Johnathan Smith, Avi Narayan

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