WATCH: Documentary helps us get to know the players in ‘Following the Ferns’

A documentary series on Sky Sport will help New Zealanders get to know the Football Ferns ahead of July’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The collection of short features will “let their individual personalities shine”, executive producer Karl Ross told RNZ’s Mark Leishman.

The series starts on Sky Sport on Tuesday May 30.

Under the series name Following the Ferns, players to feature will include Ali Riley (Angel City), CJ Bott (Leicester City), Paige Satchell (Wellington Phoenix), US College players Gabi Rennie and Ava Collins, and three players based in Scotland, Meikayla Moore (Glasgow City), Olivia Chance (Celtic) and Vic Esson (Rangers).

New Zealand’s Paige Satchell … features in documentary series. Photo: Shane Wenzlick / Phototek.

Ross said: “The thing that stood out was the profile of the players.

“We’ve got a team of players that are out, all around the world, playing professionally, playing in college teams, but they’re not household names.”

Ross said members of rugby’s Black Ferns were well known because they were Olympians but this wasn’t the case with the Football Ferns.

“The Football Ferns are relatively anonymous.”

The documentary would show who they were, and what they were trying to achieve, he said.

Listen to Mark Leishman’s interview with Karl Ross

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