Metro docked points for fielding ineligible player in NRFL Men’s Championship

Auckland club Metro have been deducted four points for fielding an ineligible player in two of their recent Lotto NRFL Men’s Championship fixtures.

In both games, Metro’s opponents have been awarded 3-0 wins, changing the relative positions of clubs near the bottom of the table.

A decision by Northern Region Football means:

  • Metro’s 3-0 win against Northern Rovers on August 5 has become a 3-0 win to Rovers.
  • Metro’s 1-1 draw with Onehunga Mangere on August 19 has become a 3-0 win to Onehunga.

Explaining the decision, Metro say in a statement:

“We have been informed by NRF that our men’s NRFL first team have been deducted four points for breaching the allowed number of foreign players (non-NZ citizens) in our last two games.

“This was not done intentionally and is a misunderstanding with one player’s citizenship status and the rules and regulations around this.

“We take full responsibility for this and have accepted the punishment given to us.”

Before the points adjustment

After the points adjustment

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