STREAM: Watch Auckland City play Manurewa in Men’s National League

Defending champions Auckland City play newcomers Manurewa in the Men’s National League on Sunday October 1, 2023.

The game, at Sandringham’s Kiwitea Street, will be live-streamed free by FIFA+.

UPDATE (3.15pm): It appears FIFA+ were experiencing technical difficulties as some of our readers were reporting the game stream was not loading after the playing of two ads.

Here’s how you can watch:


Game to be played on Sunday October 1, 2023

Auckland City v Manurewa
Kiwitea St, Sandringham, 3pm

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Auckland City squad


Connor Tracey, Sebastian Ciganda, Joe Wallis


Christian Gray, Timothy Boulet, Regont Murati, Nathan Lobo, Jordan Vale, Adam Bell, Alfie Rogers, Takuya Iwata


Mario Ilich, Cam Howieson, Gerard Garriga, Aidan Carey, Tong Zhou, Michael Den Heijer, Rayan Tayeb


Jordy Tasip, Angus Kilkolly, Dylan Manickum, Ryan De Vries, Joe Lee, Oilver Colloty, Liam Gillion, Emiliano Tade, Stipe Ukich’

Manurewa squad


Aydin Mustahib, David Masters, Roshan Kumar


Mohammed Muzakkir-Nabeel, Aidan Price, Dylan Horgan, Shuiab (Sammy) Khan, Agustin Contratti, Ronaldo Munoz, Dylan Morris, Caleb Prasad


James Hoyt, Connor Probert, Ethan Foo, Keen Mandizvidza, Boon Oxawa


Eric Kostandini Ziu, Monty Patterson, Hayat Ali Tobita, Nicolas (Nico) Bobadilla, James (Jamie) Cotter

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