VIDEO: Macey Fraser talks us through THAT goal for Wellington Phoenix

First-year professional Macey Fraser has been at the centre of media attention after scoring an early contender for the women’s A-League goal of the season.

Fraser (21) hammered home a direct free kick for the Phoenix in their 3-1 win against Western United at Porirua Park on Sunday.

Commentators, football writers and A-League show Dub Zone have enthused about the goal.

Fraser says she first knew she would take the shot when coach Paul Temple pointed at her from the dugout.

“I’m not usually taking set pieces for Phoenix so this is pretty special to take one and (to) put it in,” she said in her post-match interview.

Fraser said she lined it up, knowing it was aimed at the top left corner — something she’d practised “over and over again” either by herself or with friends on the turf.

Her only regret?

Fraser says she should have run to the crowd to celebrate with them. Instead, she ran to coach Temple.

“It was a heat of the moment … I went to say thanks to Paul for pointing at me.”

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