LISTEN: Ferns defender Michaela Foster explains Paris knife scare incident

Football Fern defender Michaela Foster has told how she and her mother were confronted by a knife-wielding man while they were in Paris, supporting her All Blacks coach father, Ian Foster.

In an interview with the SENZ radio network, the Wellington Phoenix player explained how she and her mother, Leigh, were able to escape to their accommodation without being harmed.

“Obviously it’s not the nicest situation to be in — we had just finished a really awesome day in Paris, (it was) one of our first days actually getting there,” Foster said.

“We were OK, honestly, and the situation didn’t escalate to anything more — we were able to play it out safely and able to get home without being robbed or touched. It’s not a nice thing to go through for anyone, but me and my mum handled it quite well and (we’re) happy to come away from it unscathed.”

Foster (24) went to France to support her father and the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup, before rejoining the Phoenix squad for the women’s A-League.

Rugby coach Ian Foster … supportive of Michaela Foster’s football career.

She told SENZ she was proud of what her father had accomplished in rugby, and at the World Cup.

Foster’s parents have been supportive of her football career and were spotted in the crowd at Porirua Park on Sunday where the Phoenix beat Western United 3-1 to go third in the A-League.

Listen to Michaela Foster’s interview with SENZ

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