Dunedin’s Grants Braes name Darcelle Smith as women’s first team coach

Dunedin club Grants Braes has appointed Darcelle Smith as coach of their senior women’s first team for their 2024 campaign.

Darcelle Smith.

The team will step up to women’s division 1 for the new season and is recruiting players.

Announcing Smith’s appointment, the club said: “With a track record of success in developing winning strategies and fostering a culture of teamwork, Darcelle brings a fresh perspective to the squad.

“Her wealth of experience and dedication to player development make her a valuable asset to the team.”

Grants Braes said Smith was renowned for her focus on youth development, and had successfully coached junior and senior women.

“With a passion for nurturing young talent and honing their skills, Darcelle is committed to building a strong foundation for the future of the team.

“Her emphasis on personalized training, mentorship, and instilling a sense of discipline ensures that the youth players not only excel on the field but also grow into well-rounded individuals.”

More information

To learn more about joining the Grants Braes women’s team, email Grantsbraesafc@gmail.com.

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