All Whites slip in FIFA rankings after latest international results in Egypt

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New Zealand’s All Whites have dropped a place on the FIFA men’s world rankings after losing to Egypt and Tunisia (on penalties) during the last international window.

New Zealand are now rated #104, the same ranking as in March 2023 when Darren Bazeley became head coach.

New Zealand’s position was #122 when Danny Hay took over as head coach in late 2019.

The highest position achieved by New Zealand has been 47th (in August 2002); the lowest has been 161st (April-May 2016).

The last five years

How the rankings are calculated

Points are allocated to teams from their most recent games and are weighted using the following criteria:

  • Result of the match.
  • Home vs away, or neutral ground.
  • Importance of the match.
  • Difference in ranking between the teams.

Beating a highly-rated team, away, and in a tournament, rather than a friendly, can boost a team’s momentum up the rankings.

A win over a lowly-rated team can have little impact.

Winning or losing, of course, is the most important criteria, but goal difference and goals scored are also taken into account, as is shown in the following table.

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Oceania rankings

The ratings of OFC nations:

104. New Zealand
132. Solomon Islands
158. New Caledonia
162. Tahiti
166. Papua New Guinea
168. Fiji
172. Vanuatu
181. Samoa
187. Cook Islands
189. American Samoa

Biggest movers

  • Samoa, up five places
  • Vanuatu, Cook Islands, down five places

Current top 10 teams

The leading international men’s teams, as ranked by FIFA, are:

  1. Argentina
  2. France
  3. Belgium
  4. England
  5. Brazil
  6. Portugal
  7. Netherlands
  8. Spain
  9. Italy
  10. Croatia


  • Belgium, Portugal, up one place
  • England, Netherlands, down one place

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