Airline problems disrupt game schedule at OFC Men’s Champions League

A flight cancellation has forced OFC to reshuffle Group B fixtures at the OFC Men’s Champions League 2024 in Tahiti.

The tournament remains set to kick off on Sunday May 12 (NZT), with Group A participants Rewa, Auckland City, Solomon Warriors, and Hekari United all in action.

However, a change to the match schedule for Group B has been forced by the cancellation of Ifira Black Bird’s flight from Port Vila on Thursday.

This cancellation took place when Air Vanuatu grounded international flights after reportedly going into administration.

OFC looked at all alternative options to urgently find new flights for the club on different airlines.

Ifira Black Bird will now arrive in Tahiti on Wednesday May 15 (NZT).

The opening match for Ifira Black Bird against AS Magenta, originally scheduled for Monday May 13 (NZT), will now be played on Monday May 20 (NZT).

The Vanuatu club side will play its opening game against AS Pirae next Thursday May 16 (NZT).

Match day three for Group B will now take place on Saturday May 18 (NZT), the same day as the final matches in Group A.

As a result of the changes, the semi-finals at Stade Pater are moved forward a day from May 22 to May 23, to allow teams adequate time to recover and prepare. The final, scheduled for May 25 (NZT), remains unchanged.

All matches at the OFC Men’s Champions League 2024 will be streamed LIVE and FREE on FIFA+.

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