All Whites skipper Winston Reid opens pathway for young Māori footballers

Support from All White Winston Reid’s football foundation has opened the way for an up and coming teenager to take up a US college scholarship at Biola University in California.

Jeremiah Ruawhare (19) hopes the scholarship will lead to opportunities for a professional career in the United States, followed by a crack at European football.

“Some people say it’s pressure — I like the leadership and (it’s) good to be inspiring others through my actions and Māori football has given me a glimpse of what I can actually achieve,” Ruawhare told 1news.

Ruawhare’s footballing dream owes much to Reid, one of New Zealand’s greatest Māori players.

Phil Warbrick, co-founder of Reid’s foundation, said: “(Reid) has got the heart to give other people the same opportunity, he was a young Māori who went to Denmark and rose through the ranks and wanted to see if he could create a pathway for others.”

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