All Whites banter: Rory Fallon interviews Chris Wood (parts 1 and 2)

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All Whites assistant coach Rory Fallon has interviewed striker Chris Wood about his journey from junior football to a successful career in the English Premier League and at international level.

The two-part interview is a mix of insight, a few surprises … and lots of laughter as the pair romp through a description of Wood’s career.

(Thanks to the media team at NZ Football for producing these videos.)

In part 1, the interview covers:

  • Growing up in New Zealand
  • What sport would he play if he couldn’t play football
  • Why his sister was better than he was
  • First moving to England to become a pro

Part 1

In part 2, the pair discuss:

  • Being teased by All Whites legends for his physique
  • Making his professional debut at 17 for West Brom
  • Going to the FIFA World Cup at 18 years old
  • What has driven his career for the past 10 years

Part 2

Parts 3 and 4

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