Hungerball offers 35 South Auckland schools full day programme of fun

Our partners at Hungerball are offering 35 schools in South Auckland the chance to enjoy a full day of fun activities making use of the inflatable game arena.

The initiative is aimed at encouraging children to get back into school mode with a day-long Hungerball Hauora/Wellbeing programme funder by The Grassroots Trust & John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation.

The aim of the project is to jump-start the kids of all abilities back into fun interactive physical activity while delivering safely across different COVID restriction levels (through adapted games that fit the H&S Covid prevention requirements for each level).

Friends of Football has been a supporter of Hungerball since 2021 through a community health programme run by Manukau United Football Club, aided by our Helping Hand Fund.

Hungerball is an excellent way to give children the chance to experience football, often for the first time, in a fun and safe environment.

Meanwhile, the Hungerball team and Manukau United recently helped Middlemore Sangam to host its Khali Khelo-Let’s Play programme on Saturday February 12, 2022.

Middlemore Sangam are a New Zealand-based Fiji South Indian football club.

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