Herbert heads to Zurich for FIFA programme: ‘Learning never stops’

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Former All Whites coach and player Ricki Herbert continues to develop his career skills and is heading to Switzerland to participate in a FIFA programme for former international players.

Herbert is taking part in FIFA’s The Next 90 programme, designed to provide former players with the right tools to design and develop their own career, whether it’s football-related or in other industries.

Herbert says the programme aligns well with his post-All Whites career, having established the Ricki Herbert Football Academy in 2013 and a business, RH Sports Tours, that specialises in arranging travel for sports teams or for events.

“I’m 61 and some of the others in the programme are in their 30s and 40s, but this is about having the opportunity to learn new skills and to generate new ideas. Learning never stops,” Herbert says.

“I believe in the value of education and it’s terrific to have the support of organisations such as FIFA.”

The Next 90 programme requires participants to complete seven modules of learning during an 11-month period.

Four of the modules can be completed online while three need to be undertaken in person.

Herbert has completed three online modules and is looking forward to his personal participation in sessions at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich.

About The Next 90 programme

Click here to learn more about FIFA’s The Next 90 minutes programme >>>>

FIFA’s introduction to The Next 90 says the ideal participant is a former international footballer with strong leaderships, communication skills who is motivated to always learn and improve themselves, and with a deep interest in sharing experiences and knowledge.

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