The Ball team plan to spread their message with a game of footy — in gumboots

Gumboots will replace football boots on Saturday when The Ball team head to Hamilton for another event leading up to the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Ball — football’s equivalent to the Olympic torch — has arrived in New Zealand after leaving London’s Battersea Park a year ago.

On its way, it’s been to more than 20 countries and collected more than 10,000 signatures from people who have made pledges of support for The Ball project’s efforts to promote gender equality and climate change awareness.

On Saturday July 15, The Ball will go to the Matariki Multicultural Tree Planting in Hamilton, supporting EarthDiverse and other partners.

Main photo: The Ball project members Andrew Aris (left) and Iris Albulet, with Nona Morris and Todd Nachowitz of EarthDiverse at last week’s Migrant Expo in Hamilton.

The event will be held at Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park, Hamilton, between 10.30am and 1.30pm.

At the event, The Ball team will stage a Fairplay football game in which the players will wear gumboots.

Organsers say: “Bring a spade or shovel, gumboots, appropriate outdoor weather gear (e.g. hat, rain gear, sunglasses), some gardening gloves, water and a big smile.

“If you don’t want to dig, there are other ways to help out (like bringing a small food donation, or helping with setting out and serving a light lunch).

“A light lunch will be served (courtesy of EarthDiverse, Waikato Interfaith Council, Waikato Arab Social Club, Kaivolution, Go Eco, the Bahá’í Community, Waikato Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh Trust, and others).

“Any ready-to-eat food donations (e.g. bread, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, baked goods, UHT milk, tea bags, instant coffee, juice, etc.) will be much appreciated.

“Please bring your own plates, cutlery or mugs in order to minimise waste.”

Anyone can join in a game of Fairplay football, make a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint, and sign The Ball.

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