WATCH/LISTEN: Between Two Beers share Rebekah Stott’s inspirational story

Football Fern defender Rebekah Stott has shared the story of her battle to play at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in a 90-minute episode of the award-winning Between Two Beers podcast.

Three years ago, Stott was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, halting the football career that had taken her to 10 teams across four countries, two World Cups and two Olympic Games.

Four courses of chemotherapy later, and 294 days after her cancer was diagnosed, Stott returned to the football field.

Rebekah Stott makes an emotional return to football.

Between Two Beers co-hosts Steven Holloway and Seamus Marten welcomed Stott as the special guest of their 130th episode.

Stott shares her inspirational story … you can watch a video or the audio version of the podcast here.



About Between Two Beers

Steven Holloway, a former National League player, and Seamus Marten, a regular presenter on Sky Sport’s The Kiwi Football Fix, have built a growing audience for their podcast.

Football guests of the show have included Ryan Nelsen, Danny Hay, Paul Ifill, Kevin Fallon, Roger Wilkinson, Des Buckingham, Jeremy Christie, Sarah Gregorius, Priscilla Duncan, Aaron Clapham, Chris James, Jeremy Brockie, Declan Edge, Maia Jackman, Kris Bright, Cole Tinkler, Sam Wilkinson, Neil Emblen, Che Bunce and Paul Nixon.

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