World Cup continues to smash targets for tickets sales, television audiences

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is exceeding its three key targets set by Football Australia for ticket sales, television audiences and on-the-pitch performance by the Matildas.

Football Australia’s Head of Marketing, Communications and Corporate Affairs, Peter Filopoulos, told SEN Radio Network’s Sportsday WA:

“Our KPIs were set to sell 1.5 million tickets. That was a stretch target. We’ve exceeded that and will get to 1.9 million tickets.

“To give you context, in Paris they sold 1.1 million tickets four years ago at the corresponding tournament.”

Including New Zealand ticket sales, the tournament is expected to have drawn 2.6 million spectators by the final.

“The other KPI is two billion TV audience globally. We’ll get to that. To put that into context, that’s one in five people all over the world.

“This tournament is one of the biggest tournaments, not only amongst women, but I think it’s one of the biggest tournaments in the world.”

Australia’s Round of 16 win against Denmark reached a television audience of 6.5 million people in Australia, with an average broadcast audience of 3.6 million.

“To put that into context, that 3.6 million national average is more people than what watched the NRL Grand Final in 2022, more than watched the AFL Grand Final in 2022, more than watched any of the NRL’s State of Origin matches this year,” Filopoulos said.

Peter Filopoulos … ‘tournament breaking all its targets.’ Photo credit: Football Australia.

In New Zealand, ticket sales on track for its 29 hosted games to exceed 700,000 spectators.

That would lift the average attendance to more than 24,000 per game.

With three games left to play in New Zealand, more than 590,000 fans have packed into stadiums in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin, averaging 22,703 for the 26 matches played.

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Almost four out of 10 New Zealanders tuned into Sky Sport’s coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup during the tournament’s group stages.

The viewing figures show unprecedented interest in women’s football.

FIFA reported an average television audience of 623,201 viewers watched New Zealand play Switzerland in the final group game in Dunedin, surpassing the numbers who watched the opening match by 32%.

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