Green Island elect Roxy Koni to be club’s first female president

Dunedin’s Green Island have elected their first female president, with Roxy Koni taking the leadership role.

“I am honoured and grateful to be elected as the new president of GIAFC, and to be your first female president,” she told club members via social media.

“Having grown up through the club, first in juniors into seniors I have witnessed many shifts within not only our club locally but in the world of football.

“We have a realm of possibilities for our club and the direction it can go and I am excited to take on this next challenge which will no doubt have its highs and lows.

Sean Flett … vice president.

“With fresh minds on the committee, there has already been opportunities presented to continue and develop an encouraging, positive and inclusive environment for all our members so they can enjoy the world of football in our

“We pride ourselves on showcasing our own local talent playing at their highest ability, an open door policy for newcomers who share our philosophy and providing continuity for the future of our club while enjoying the art of football.”

Main photo: Roxy Koni … ‘honoured and grateful to be elected.’

Sean Flett becomes the club’s vice president.

“I am honoured to have the chance to represent the club this year in an off-field role and am looking forward to giving something back to the wonderful people who have for many years worked tirelessly behind the scenes to give us the chance to play football with our friends/ teammates.

“I feel the only reason I have lasted this long playing football, is this family, there is something about playing for Green Island that’s addictive.

“Putting on that green shirt, going out (normally as the underdogs) to try and steal 3 points. I’d like to thank all the people past and in the future who put their hands up to represent and solidify this club’s future … ”

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