WATCH/LISTEN: Between Two Beers with All White and entrepreneur Tim Brown

Former All White Tim Brown has shared the story of his football career and subsequent launch of pioneer shoe brand Allbirds in a 90-minute interview with the Between Two Beers podcast.

Brown (42) is a retired professional footballer who played 112 times for the Wellington Phoenix and earned 30 All Whites caps.

In 2012, at the age of 31, he left football and New Zealand to study for a masters degree in management in the United Kingdom.

He was forming an idea for a woollen, environmentally friendly, sustainable shoe.

Four years later, he co-founded a shoe company called Allbirds. Nine years later, the company went public on the Nasdaq with a valuation close to US$4 billion.

Podcast hosts Steven Holloway and Seamus Marten spent 90 minutes with Brown, teasing out stories including his journey from a Wellington flat to worldwide footwear industry leader, partnering with Leonardo di Caprio and meeting Barack Obama, the challenges the company faced in 2023 and why he stepped down as co-CEO and all the best bits from his time with the All Whites.

“Tim has been a dream guest for us since we started this thing in 2019 – and he didn’t disappoint,” the podcast hosts say.

“This was one of our favourite episodes. Tim is sharp, charismatic, a brilliant storyteller and incredibly humble for a guy that has achieved so much in his life.”

Main photo: Seamus Marten (left), Tim Brown and Steven Holloway.



About Between Two Beers

Steven Holloway, a former National League player, and Seamus Marten, a regular presenter on Sky Sport’s The Kiwi Football Fix, have built a growing audience for their podcast.

Football guests of the show have included Chris Wood, Rebekah Stott, Ryan Nelsen, Danny Hay, Paul Ifill, Kevin Fallon, Roger Wilkinson, Des Buckingham, Jeremy Christie, Sarah Gregorius, Priscilla Duncan, Aaron Clapham, Chris James, Jeremy Brockie, Declan Edge, Maia Jackman, Kris Bright, Cole Tinkler, Sam Wilkinson, Neil Emblen, Che Bunce and Paul Nixon.

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