Medical researchers seek footballers who have suffered recent concussion

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Auckland medical researchers are looking for male footballers who have suffered a concussion within the past 14 days to help a study being conducted by AUT University.

The researchers need help from males aged 16-35 who have suffered a concussion during a sports event (training or a game) within the past 14 days.

The aim of the research is to deepen the understanding of what happens in the brain following a sports-related concussion.

“We want to find out more about the recovery process following this type of injury — with the long-term goal of improving recovery and safe return to play and increasing general awareness of concussions,” a spokesperson for the research team said.

In return for their help, participants will receive $70 of vouchers, and a free MRI (a scan that will produce a detailed image of the brain).

As well as having the MRI, participants will also need to provide small saliva samples and wear a special watch (like a Fitbit) during the two-week study period.

The current trial has about 25 participants but the research team seeks 15 more over the next few months.

How to get involved

To learn more, or to offer to take part in the study, email:

You can register to participate either by scanning the following QR code or by clicking on the registration button.

Football leaders are trying to raise awareness about the risks from concussion injuries. Photo: Dave MacKay / Phototek.

Football and concussion

Community footballers who suffer concussion face a three-week stand-down from competition under new national guidelines to be introduced for the 2024 winter season.

Guidelines have been developed by the Accident Compensation Corporation in partnership with seven national sports, including football.

They are designed to improve the health outcomes and wellbeing for people who play community sport by introducing a standardised approach to managing concussion.

The key changes are:

  • When a player suffers a concussion, they must have a minimum period of 21 days away from full competition.
  • Medical clearance must be obtained before they return to play.

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Meanwhile, football’s rule-makers have approved a number of changes to the Laws of the Game, including the option of allowing permanent concussion substitutions.

Internationally, those changes take effect from July 1, 2024.

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