STREAM: Watch Auckland City play Wellington Olympic in OFC play-off

Auckland City play Wellington Olympic on Saturday March 9, 2024, in the first match of a two-legged play-off series to decide who’ll represent New Zealand at the OFC Men’s Champions League.

The match will be streamed live and free by FIFA+.

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National play-offs — first leg

Game to be played on Saturday March 9, 2024

Auckland City v Wellington Olympic
Kiwitea St, Auckland, 2pm

Read the match programme

Auckland City have published a match programme for this fixture. Read it online here:

Possible squads

Auckland City

Possible squad based on pre-season appearances:

1. Conor Tracey (GK)
2. Mario Ilich
3. Adam Mitchell
4. Christian Gray
5. Timothy Boulet
8. Gerard Garriga
9. Angus Kilkolly
10. Dylan Manickum
11. Ryan De Vries
12. Regont Murati
13. Nathan Lobo
14. Jordan Vale
16. Joe Lee
19. Liam Gillion
21. Adam Bell
22. Tong Zhou
23. Alfie Roger
24. Joe Wallis (GK)
25. Michael Den Heijer
26. Rayan Tayeb
27. Stipe Ukich
28. Caleb Moosbally

Head coach: Albert Riera

Wellington Olympic

Possible squad based on pre-season appearances:

1 Scott Basalaj (GK)
2 Gabriele Matanisiga
3 Adam Supyk
4 Dylan Wood
5 Justin Gulley
6 Tor Davenport Petersen
7 Jesse Randall
8 Edward Wilkinson
9 Hamish Watson
10 Oliver Colloty
11 Kallan Gould
12 Chris Kotrotsos (GK)
13 William Vincent
14 Jack-Henry Sinclair
15 Ben Mata (captain))
16 Joshua Apaapa-Preston
17 Devon Thurston
18 Luke Tongue
19 Samuel Mitrakas
20 Tamupiwa Dimalro
21 Isa Prins
22 Lukas Hallklas
23 Gavin Hoy
24 Jonty Roubos
25 Joel Coustrain
26 Ollver Davies
27 Kaelin Nguyen
28 Josh Rudiand
29 Joseph Hopper
31 George Walker
41 Alex Britton (GK)
42 Matthew King (GK)

Head coach: Paul Ifill

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