Dunedin City Royals launch all-year youth academy to start in term 2

Southern League club Dunedin City Royals have announced they’ll launch a youth academy with a first intake of players set for term 2 of 2024.

Blair Scoullar … academy director.

The Royals Academy will be led by academy director and full-time coach Blair Scoullar, who has spent the last four years with the Olé Football Academy.

In its announcement, the academy says: “We will cater for the dedicated player that wants more football weekly with a 1x per week Royals x Phoenix Pre Academy, through to the serious players in our key age group phases in Royals Academy groups. These players will train up to 3x per week.

“We want to build technically gifted, expressive and hard-working players that love this wonderful game to ensure we help them begin and continue their own footballing journey.”

The academy will run all year, with a 10.5-month football schedule.

“The Royals Academy will meet the current NZF criteria with NZF Talent Development Programmes to enable our players to have equal opportunity to thrive in full-time training environments. This brings us in line with high-level clubs around New Zealand.”

The academy will cater for boys U-12 to U-17 and girls U-12 to U-14.

Players from other Dunedin clubs are welcome, the academy says.

“We also offer part-time training options for U-17 players who are currently attached to other clubs, but who have ambitions to play in the U-I7 National League.”

Academy coaches

The academy’s coaching staff includes:

Blair Scoullar (academy director)
OFC/NZF B Licence

Danny Ledwith (coach)
OFC/NZF A Licence and UEFA B Licence

Graeme Smail (director of women’s football)
OFC/NZF B Licence

Richard Murray (director of men’s football)
OFC/NZF B Licence

Craig Ferguson (YDL U-15 coach)
OFC/NZF C Licence

Tim Horner (coach)
OFC/NZF C Licence

Phil Collings (coach)
OFC/NZF Goalkeeping C Licence

Alex Boomer (academy goalkeeper coach)

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