Northern Region Football seek applicants to join its disciplinary committee

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Northern Region Football are looking for new disciplinary committee members to help safeguard and protect all participants in the game.

In a call for applications, NRF says:

“We’re committed to promoting inclusion, professionalism and transparency across all aspects of our operations, and as such, we are looking to expand our pool of disciplinary committee members to better represent football across the region and take advantage of the experience, passion and diversity of our local community.

“We really need diverse voices in this area, and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply — please pass this on to anyone in your network you know can make a contribution.”

The NZ Football Disciplinary Code ensures the requisite process and system is in place for issues of misconduct to be dealt with in a manner which is fair and transparent for all involved.

The system provides the opportunity for evidence from a given incident to be provided and reviewed (either via correspondence or through verbal testimony) and determines whether sanctions — if any — should be imposed.

Sanctions imposed are based on the NZ Football Disciplinary Code.

Disciplinary committee members may be required to meet in person to consider testimony presented by witnesses or individuals/groups involved or may meet via phone or internet conference call. If personal hearings are required, they will be held on weekday evenings, at NRF’s office in Albany, Auckland.

“We would like to hear from members of the community who have some footballing knowledge and who may or may not be still active in the game. A legal background would be ideal but not essential,” the federation says.

How to learn more or express interest

Applications close on Tuesday April 30, 2024.

To express interest or to learn more, contact Federations Competitions Manager Mike Corbett by email at

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