Takapuna looks to refresh its club logo after almost 60 years

Takapuna AFC are refreshing their club logo, aiming to update its appearance while retaining key elements and the story of its 60-year past.

In a newsletter to members, the club says:

“Our club logo has remained unchanged for almost 60 years and arguably, its design no longer is as relevant in 2023 as it
was in 1964.

“Of course, there is almost 60 years of history that goes with the logo and that history is important to the club. But perhaps there is an argument for change if the story behind the logo is no longer clear or as relevant to today’s audience.

“Throughout history, there are many examples where football clubs have refreshed their logo opting for cleaner simple lines as opposed to the heraldic representations of yesteryear.

“Takapuna should be no different.”

The club adopted its long-time logo when it formed in 1964 and in its rush to enter organised competitions, it used the Takapuna City Council logo.

The club was formed as Takapuna City AFC.

“Of course, the formation of the Auckland Super City put an end to ‘City’ having any relevance to our club’s name. Over time, it has totally fallen away, and we are informally known as Takapuna AFC.”

The club’s committee has been working with club member Sam Allen, owner of packaging and brand design specialists On Fire Design, to create a refreshed version of the logo.

“The brief was to retain the existing elements (and the story that goes with them) of the old logo and redraw them in a cleaner and simpler fashion. We purposely wanted to refresh rather than create a new logo as an acknowledgement and respect to the club’s history,” the club says.



Other Auckland clubs to recently update their logo include Bay Olympic and Papakura City.

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