New floodlights for Hamilton Wanderers and Melville United

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Night football will get a boost this year in Hamilton as two of the city’s top clubs get new and better floodlights as part of the upgrade programme ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Light towers have been installed at Hamilton Wanderers’ Porritt Stadium and at Melville United’s Gower Park ahead of the Women’s World Cup qualifying tournament in February and the full tournament in June/July.

The floodlight installations will make it possible for both clubs to stage Northern League games at night.

Showing their new lights to their social media followers, Melville said: “A big thank you to Hamilton City Council, Trust Waikato, WEL Trust, Grassroots Trust and others for having the vision to install lights across football fields in Hamilton for the benefit of our community.”

Main photo: Gower Park’s top pitch … how it looks new lights. Photo: Melville United.

Meanwhile, Wanderers clubrooms have undergone a repaint and new dressing rooms are being installed at Porritt Stadium.

Porritt Stadium

The lights are up and ready to go.

How the new lights look at Wanderers’ Porritt Stadium.

Gower Park

How the light towers align on the northern side of the number one pitch:

All finished: Gower Park from above …

The clubs getting upgrades

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